E-commerce Development

We are leading Mumbai based E-commerce Development company. We develop ecommerce portal for consumer as well as for industrial goods. With this sort of portal, you can save you time of sending quotation & follow up because you can get direct order on this website. You can manage all product, price list, discount, discount coupon, and stock.
Product Module
1.            Creation of Unlimited Categories, Sub-categories and Products
2.            Step-by-step wizard to add, update and delete categories, subcategories and products easily.
3.            Products may be included in more than one category for easier maintenance.
4.            We can categories the products as new products, featured products, and clearance products, on    sale products and brands.
5.            Sorting Products by featured products, brands, new products, clearance products ,on sale      products and price low to high, price high to low, name A to Z, name Z to A
6.            Smart subcategories to further break down product into manufacturers and price ranges
7.            Multiple product attributes support. e.g. Size, color, style
8.            Customizable product status such as in stock and out of stock etc.
9.            Multiple product images 
10.          Full size product images are displayed in the pop up window
11.          Recurring Profile List
12.          Reviews 
13.          Downloaded Product/ Software
Shopping Cart Module
1.            Single page basket. Delete or update the quantities of items in the basket.
2.            Permanent shopping cart that shopper can add items, leave and then come back to check out
3.            Automatically calculate tax and shipping
4.            Anonymous checkout (check out without sign in)
5.            Save shipping/payment addresses and credit card if selected 
Customer Self-Service Module
1.            Secure customer registration and login
2.            Customer can shipping address, Email, Personal details & credit cards details
3.            Customer can print invoice
4.            Customer can view and track orders
5.            Anonymous checkout (check out without sign in)
6.            Save shipping/payment addresses and credit card if selected
7.            Submit online return request
Shipping and Taxes Module (Need to discuss)
1.            Calculate shipping as a percentage of the order total
2.            Calculate shipping based on number of products purchased
3.            Offer free shipping
4.            Customized tax table
Order Processing Module
1.            Print order invoice and packing slip
2.            Automatically email to customers to announce order confirmation and shipping tracking information
3.            Order Tracking
4.            Full text order search such as order number, first or last name, company name, address, order notes etc
5.            Order history, and notes gives a complete background into what has happened with the order. No more guessing what has happened with an order
6.            Edit order items allows you to edit the current items in an order, add new products to the order, and add other items such as discounts, shipping charges, etc 
7.            Order status can be manually updated
8.             Recurring Order
User Management
1.      Create unlimited user
2.      Assign User Right
Discount Group Module
1.            Create unlimited discount group
2.            Assign the fixed discount to the entire group
3.            Full text user search to allow searching for users by last name, company name, email address and order numbers etc (Admin Search in the back end)
4.            Gift Vouchers
Inventory Management Module
1.            Track and manage inventory
2.            Automatically updates unit in-stock quantity after each sale
3.            Option to automatically hide products when products are out of stock
Marketing & Promotion Module
1.            Send emails to email list
2.            Order coupons. Provide a discount on the entire order. e.g. 10% off the entire order
3.            Discount amount can either be a fixed value or a percent off. e.g. Rs.10.00 off or 20% off
4.            You can specify a start date and an end date when the coupon is valid
5.            Allow customers to write product reviews and ratings
6.            Affiliates & Affiliates activity
Reports and Statistics Module
1.            Daily sales report
2.            Monthly sales report
3.            Sales report can be categorized by payment methods
4.            Coupon usage report shows coupon name, number of orders, and total of orders that have used the coupon 

1.    You may design different layout for different category with different filter option 2.    You many changes Multiple Banner
2.    Blog
3.    Testimonial

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Optimization
1.      Option to Put Meta Keyword, Description & Title
2.      H1 Tag
3.      Product Tag
4.      Social Media Integration