CRM for Chemical

Sales Fundaa CRM has been developed to manage Sales, Marketing & Support activity of All Chemical Company. It helps Tele Sales Executive Sales Executive, Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, Area Sales Manager, Sales Head, CEO, Owner etc to manage their work. Through this software, reporting of Sales & Marketing Team, Project Management, Quotation Management, Contact Management, Mass Emailing, Payment Reminder, Complaint Management, Delivery Management, Sales Forecasting etc  will be very easy.



Feature of Sales Fundaa CRM for IT Compnay

                   Lead Management

                   Contact Management

                   Sales Pipe Line

                   Sales Funnel

                   Sales Forecasting


                   Follow Up

                   Bulk Email/ SMS

                   Task Management

                   Multiple Reminders




                   Sales Forecasting

                   Loss of valuable enquiry due to employee attrition

                   Lost opportunity because of lack of follow-up and sales

                   Sales Reporting

                   Calling Reporting

                   Project Assignment

                   Payment Reminder

                   Create Quotation & Proforma Invoice

                   Convert Quotation into Order

                   Track customer history with their quotations and Order

                   Centralized database with multiple filter

Software Benefits

                   Increase Sales

                   Manage Marketing

                   Improves Customer  Support

                   Improves Relationship with Customer

                   Plan Marketing & Service Strategies

                   Controls Overheads in Marketing & Services

                   Improves Business Communication

                   Reporting of Sales & Tele Representative

                   Product Specific Lead List

                   Lead Source Feedback

                   Access all the data in a centralized database from anywhere anytime

                   360 view of the data and leads

                   Analyze the database as per your need

                   Auto generated real-time reporting

                   Analyze the Quotations

                   Filter their reports origin and destination wise

                   Systematic way to track business activity effectively

                   Understand the actual and potential value of customers

                   Define your key customers

                   Optimize business workflows.



Software Intelligence

                   Reminder and Alerts via Software Notification,  Email or SMS

                   Auto Enquiries follow-ups via Software, Email and SMS

                   Auto follow-ups for Outstanding Receivables

                   Auto Reminder to Re-New the Maintenance

                   Intimation to client in advance about Visit

                   Confirmation to client about job completion

                   Auto News Letters & Greetings at diff occasions

                   Auto Greetings on selected Festivals

                   Auto Sending MIS Reports to the Director

                   Auto Greetings on Birth Date and Anniversary

                   It keeps the track of activities of all users

                   It maintains the daily data backup on its own

                   It helps to stop and control unwanted activities